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We are amateur radio operators who live on the Oregon high desert plain that extends from the Cascade Mountains east into Idaho, North to the Columbia River and South to California. We are interested in having fun with all the varied facets of this hobby.

We enable wide area communication with a network of open repeaters covering a lot of the high desert, we are currently tied into the Oregon Connection which allows repearter access across most of eastern and western Oregon.

It is important to us to encourage others to engage in this hobby through license training, public activities, and helping already licensed hams get on the air.

Our members interests range across DX, Packet, PSK-31, satellite contacts, CW, ATV, emergency communications, and anything new that developes.

We will help you get licensed and on the air. Contact us if you have any interest in Amateur Radio!
Hamming it up at Field Day 2007
The High Desert Amateur Radio Group is dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of amateur radio, and to promote our hobby and provide help with community service activities as well as other types of ham radio activities.

By joining HiDARG, you will not only be helping to support our extensive and modern repeater system. You will have access to members and resources to help you enjoy this great hobby of ours, regardless of your specific interests in the hobby.
(You do not have to be a member of the club to use the repeaters,
just a licensed ham radio operator.)

HiDARG is also involved in many activities through out the year. We do have something to fit all interests, and we have many folks that are available to help you become a successful amateur radio operator.

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