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HiDARG also has several sanctioned events and other events that members participate in.
Other Events for 2015 will be posted as they become available.
Just a few of the many events that HiDARG members participate in.
- Bachelor Butte Dog Derby 1st Weekend in March(Cancelled) See KF7MAX for info.
See ARES site for more EVENTS not listed.
-Boy Scouts Radio Merit Badge 4/14/2015
- Pole Peddle Paddle -- May 16th Contact Jim Sellers for more info
-Volkswalk on the McKenzie River 6/20/2015
- Field Day - W7JVO site to be determined. 6/27-28/2015
- Deshutes County Fair -- July 29th - 2nd 'Special Event Station'
JOTA Station 10/16-18/2015

High Desert Amateur Radio Group
HiDARG meets every Wed from about 11:00am to 12:30pm at Jakes Truck Stop
It is fairly informal and you can usally find a bunch of us partaking of the local fare during those times. ALL HAMS and future HAMS or anyone wanting to know more about HiDARG are "VERY WELCOME" and encouraged to attend.
HiDARG also meets on the first Thursday of every month normally at St Charles, but at times Mid-Oregon Fedral Credit Union. At 7pm and we usally have a very interesting presentation. You don't have to be a ham to attend. But don't be suprised if some one sparks your interest in the hobby. Depending on conditions we may have a meeting in July or Augest.

I want to personally think Bob Norin W7YAQ for his presentation to our members at the April Thursday night meeting. Attendance was a bit low, but those of use who were able to attend were treated to an excellent presentation about DXpeditions to the South Pacific Islands. Bob had some great stories and pictures to share with us. Bob and his buddy Bill Vanderheide N7OU have done this each year for a number of years, visiting and working a number of locations in the Pacific island chains.

If you want a small sample of what you missed out on, check out the Oct-2010 issue of QST magazine on page 64. Bill wrote an article about their Feb/March trip in 2010 to the island of Toklau. Bob's presentation filled a good 2hrs of time, and was enjoyed by all in attendance. We will have him back next year if not sooner, and you will not want to miss out on this again. Make plans now to be there, and keep an eye out for more interesting presentations coming up later this year. -- KF7MAX
Aprils Thursday Night:
Mays Thursday Night:
M.E."Jack" Swisher, president of the Fort Rock Valley Historical Society
Jack had a very informative talk on the history of the Fort Rock area and the pioneers who settled there in the early part of the 20th century. About the hardships they faced, and how they endured. HiDARG is planning on doing some "Special Event" stations in the near future from the Museum at Fort Rock. It was a bit of a low turnout but those who were there found "Jacks" stories very interesting. Being a 4th generation Oregonian I really related. --KF7MAX
Junes 2011 Thursday Night:
Some Highlites from Past Thursday night Meetings......