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Local Ham license testing is done by a group of Volunteer Examiners headed by Joe Barry -- K7SQ. Joe can be reached at 541-385-3152 or email him - joek7sq at gmail dot com. Tests are normally given at the Bend Public Library on the south end of the second floor in one of the meeting rooms at 1:00 PM. They are typically given once a month but you should contact Joe for any changes to the schedule.

Be sure to bring a copy of your existing FCC license and the original. Bring a couple pencils, a calculator if you wish, and a check to pay the testing fee.
You must also bring two pieces of personal identification such as a driver's license.

If you pass a test you can take the next level test making it possible to take all three levels in one test session. You can also retake a test. For each test OR retake you must pay an additional test session fee.

Arrangements can be made for special needs, for dates and times.
11 Mar, 29 Apr, 03 Jun, 15 Jul, 19 Aug, 30 Sep, 4 Nov, 15 Dec
Deschutes Public Library, downtown Bend branch, upstairs
Please Note that We ARE Flexible as far as Date And Times...

HiDARG Help for New Hams
Current EXAM Information
If you need more information please check the contacts list and email one of the club officers. We will be glad to contact you and speak with you.