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March 1, 2011
It is with great sadness that I relay the following information.
Andrew "Drew" Holmes W7GER, 1947 - 2011
Deschutes County Emergency Coordinator (EC),
District 2 Emergency Coordinator (DEC)
fellow ham, and good friend has passed away.
For those of you that knew Drew, you knew him to be a fun guy to be around even as he focused on the job at hand, whatever it may have been. Drew was an active and vital part of everything that took place in the ham radio community in Deschutes County. Drew had a positive impact in every activity he participated in and I for one will miss him greatly! Drew was a loving Christian, and is now with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
I encourage all of you to pray for his family, friends, and loved ones
during this sad and trying time.
Jeffery H. Moore -- KE7ACY
President - High Desert Amateur Radio Group
April 6, 2011 Andy Johnson appointed to EC for Deschutes County.
Note: Andy (KE7TMU) is secretary for HiDARG, we wish to congratulate Andy on this appointment.

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew ‘Andy’ Johnson to the position of Emergency Coordinator for Deschutes County. Andy has been a member of Deschutes County ARES for three years. He and his wife Laura both hold Technician Licenses and are currently working on their General License. If you know either Andy or Laura please give them your encouragement on this endeavor.

Before moving to Bend Andy was employed by Northrup/Grumman Corporation. While there he was on the team that developed and launched the B1 and B2 bombers. In his last project he was the Production and Design Manager for the X-47 Pegasus Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle. If you want to see one sweet bird do a google search for the X-47 and look at it in the Wikipedia page. Michelle and I met one of its pilots the last time we were down at Edwards Air Force Base while on our way down to Arizona. The pilot described the the X-47 as “ of the most awesome UAV’s” that he has flown.

Some of you will remember Andy and Laura from the awesome Cast Iron Barbecue at the 2009 ARES Leadership Conference at Sisters. Rumor has it that they are working on another dinner for this coming year’s Leadership Conference; once again to be held at the Sisters’ Fire Department. I am looking forward to working with Andy as EC for Deschutes County. I believe that he will serve the team well and will work to improve an already good ARES program. Please welcome Andy to his position as EC of Deschutes County.

Deschutes County ARES is still in somewhat of a shock due to the sudden loss of Drew Holmes. Following his passing I was contacted by Rich Lovin, AEC for Deschutes County. Rich offered to serve as a contact point for Deschutes County ARES until an appointment to EC was made. I know that Rich was close to Drew and I am certain that it was difficult to step into Drew’s big shoes; even if only for a few weeks. Rich did a great job as the interim EC. I, and I am certain that all of the Leadership of Oregon Section ARES, appreciate Rich stepping up, putting on the harness and pulling on the tug lines to take the load of keeping ARES going in Deschutes County. Thank you Rich.

73 de Kevin/NB7O
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Sept 1, 2011 Drew Holmes Memorial Fund Setup
In the past few months and weeks we have had two separate donations to our club. They total a whopping $1000.00. They were generously donated by organizers of some of the events that we participate in, and are in honor of Drew Holmes. These funds (at the request of the donors) are to be used to help with getting new hams on the air. What an awsome thing they are doing here. We need to form a committee to help decide this. We are asking for volunteers and we really would like any input on ideas.
(Update: Tim Bass N1TCB is Chairman of the commitiee with Max Vaughan KF7MAX as co-chair.)
The committee will take these ideas and decide exactly how that is to be accomplished. Some of the ideas already put forth are learning materials, public exposure events, sponsorships perhaps at area schools. If any of you folks have ideas please submit them to any one of the club officers. If you wish to be on the committee please let us know. This should not take up very much of your time. I suspect we can do a lot of this via phone calls and emails, and discussions during our weekly lunch meeting. Though you do not have to attend the luncheons in order to participate.

If you want to take a class to be a ham, we will have another session coming up in early 2012.
Keep checking back here for details.
HiDARG is helping you get your license, we will refund the cost for your manual as well as the cost of your first TEST. Test cost is $15 plus the $21 manual cost. Thats a value of $36 dollars...
WE will get you started in this great and rewarding hobby.
Contact any board member under the Contacts button to get more information.
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Burns Repeater Site Update 4/7/12
Were moving forward on getting the Burns Repeater Moved off of Burns Butte and onto a ridge on Tom Sharps Ranch. Some advantages of this will be no more RF noise, no more electric bills, no more site rent. This will save the club over $1200 a year. At our last Board Meeting on Wed 4th we discussed several options, move a donated building to the site, put down a concrete slab and either build a stick structure or a concrete block structure. The pros and cons were weighed for each and in the end we voted to go with a slab and a concrete block building about 6ftx6ft and 8.5ft tall. The primary advantage would be not only cost, but that we would not have to fence it in to prevent critters from chewing on or rubbing up to a wood structure. The concrete building would be part of the support structure for our small tower. We would have to guy the tower other wise. Currently on Burns Butte we have the same type of setup, and so far it has worked out well. The primary disadvantage would be that it is a bit more labor intensive and requires hauling the blocks and cement and mixing on site. In the next couple of weeks we should have a good idea of the scheduling and planning that will need to be done to move forward on this.

At this time we expect about 4 to 5 weekends to get the structure completed and ready for move in. We need folks to step up and volunteer their skills and labor to get these projects off to a good start. A small number of club members tend to shoulder the majority of the work and many hands make light work for all. We are all important to each other, and what each of us can do to help goes a long way.
John Day Repeater Site Update 4/7/12
Also we are moving forward on getting the John Day repeater site and the John Day hospital connected into our network of repeaters. We have been donated a site location at the John Day Airport, this will allow us to hit the Stephenson Repeater and do the final link in, as well as serve the John Day area with the "Oregon Connection" We have the radios on order and they will be configured and it will be time to move them and get them setup. This is all exciting stuff folks and anybody that wants to chip in and help is more than welcome, please contact a board member to find out what you can do to help to get things completed.