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If you have ham radio or electronic items you would like to sell or trade, please send a description to and be sure to include all relevant information.
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LOOKING FOR DONATIONS TO HIDARG... FUND RAISER......We would like to do a fund Raiser by taking your donation and sell them at Rickreall Oct 26th 2015. If you have items to donate, contact Max KF7MAX. ALSO if you can help out at the sale, let us know. We can not re-imburse travel expenses at this time, but we will spring for lunch.
ICOM HM-133v Remote Control Microphone for sale.... works with the IC- 2200H has this for around $100. I am asking $70 OBO. I was told that it works just fine, but you can test first before you buy. KF7MAX maxv at 706-1475
IC449A 440-450 fm mobile (or fixed station), 35W max., with mag mount ant. -$150.
HTX-100 10 meter SSB/CW transceiver 25W high, 5W low. - $75.

YOUR ADD RIGHT HERE>>>>> What have you got for sale?