Welcome to the High Desert Amateur Radio Group W7JVO

The High Desert Amateur Radio Group is dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of amateur radio, and to promote our hobby and provide help with community service activities as well as other types of ham radio activities. We have an extensive linked repeater system that stretches across much of Central and Eastern Oregon.

2nd Annual High Desert Ham Fest event date is Sept 30th, 2023
Were are doing it again, thanks to all that participated and supported this first event.
2022 Drawing Winners who were not in attendance are posted below. If you have not been contacted we
need more information from you.. Email maxv @ horizonps.com
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HiDARG has many events throughout the month, please check out our Event Support Menu Above
Please note that not all events are listed. Contact any board member if interested in our activities.

What is Ham RadioGetting Licensed

First Thursday of each month at 7pm.
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The HIDARG SHACK...is now ONLINE and is a great way to get info and stay connected.
HiDARG Groups at https://hidarg-shack.groups.io
Available to Current HiDARG members only, however exceptions are being made for
other interested hams if you have something to contribute.

Please contact maxv @ horizonps.com for those wishing to find out more.
If you wish to subscribe... email

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  Our Wed lunch meetings are now at Jake's over by COSTCO, in PERSON!!!!
FOLKS show up around 11am meeting starts at 12 noon SHARP!

HiDARG's 440 Fusion System is on its OWN room  Central-OR at 00738 
443.750+ T156.7
Wires X  90738

HAM CRAM CLASSES at COCC are available 4 times a year.
OCT 14th and NOV 11th 2023

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   What the heck's this HamWan stuff I hear floating around, now it is ARDEN
If you want to get in on the scoop and discussions, please contact Jeff KE7ACY or Max KF7MAX
If you have even a passing interest just send an email include your full name and call sign.
You can be removed at any time if you wish.

 What is Ham RadioGetting Licensed

 Solar Cycle & Sun Info

2022 High Desert Ham Fest WINNERS LIST
Not a full list, these are the winners that were NOT present when the drawing was held.
Please email KF7MAX direct to make arrangements to get your items.

KJ7MTH  777 Wire ties kit with tool.
KF7VY   TH-9800
AC6YB  Signalink
KR7OR  Wi-Fi Network expand-er
Eric Lock USB to Serial Adapter
KC7OO??..Chico12 Multi-meter
N5HAV External TS Speaker
J. Deroer $50 ARRL gift cert.
KK7EYI  $25 ARRL gift cert.